Welcome to S*Ogopogo's, the home of green eyed silver- and golden persians!

EC S*To-Liz Little Big Man

S* Ogopogo's is a small, cageless and PKD-tested cattery, founded in the middle of the 90'ties. The main objective for S*Ogopogo's is to breed healthy, wellbuildt persians with good type (still with the typical "chinchilla look" - large green eyes and an open expression!) and of course, a nice temper!

The cattery is run and owned by me, Tina Wantling. I live together with my cats and dogs in a house in the country side, about 15 kilometres south of Gothenburg.
All cats and dogs live "family lifes" and run freely in the house. They also have the possibility to go outside whenever wanted, into a terass and fenced garden.

Tina handling one of her afghans, SUCH DUCH Mandinah Foreign Affair, at a dog show 2007.

I have always been living with, showing and breeding dogs, but as a passionated animal lover with special interest in animal behaviour (ethology), the thought of cats has always been there as well. My first meeting with a silver persian (a silver tabby called Axel) occurred when I was a small kid. It was love at first sight, but not until twenty years later I had the possibility to have my own cat, EC S* To-Liz Little Big Man, more known as "Buddha".
"Buddha" was a big, light chinchilla male with great personality. He became, together with my first shaded silver female, GIC Gurlitta-Foten's Silver Ariel, the foundation of my breeding.

GIC Gurlitta-Foten's Silver Ariel

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